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What to eat in Shillong

While rice is a major ingredient used in dishes in Meghalaya, pork and chicken are also used in abundance. Fermented and dried bamboo shoots are also used a lot in the cuisine of the state. The tribes also make use of sticky and red rice at times. The usage of various local herbs is also noteworthy and black sesame seeds are found in many dishes. In monsoon months, the mushrooms sprout and these are used in various ways to make sumptuous dishes. Sun dried dish and smoked dry meat are also used for cooking in the state.

Below listed are the most sought after restaurants and eating joints you should not miss while touring Shillong.


Sao Aiom

Those looking for a plush restaurant serving excellent food in Shillong should opt for Sao Aiom. It is a part of Ri Kynjai-Serenity By The Lake. In Khasi language, Sao Aiom denotes 4 seasons. It overlooks the azure blue water of adjacent Umium Lake. You can get excellent Chinese as well as continental dishes at this restaurant. Try their smoked pork with bamboo-shoot which tastes awesome. You may also order rice cooked with Cherrapunji chicken.


La Galerie

La Galerie is your destination if you want a plush multi-cuisine restaurant right in the middle of Shillong.  At the top floor there is floor bar-restaurant named Cloud 9. It serves awesome Thai dishes along with cocktails and beers. The glass-panelled restaurant is a part of gorgeous Centre Point hotel. One nice thing about it is that the management keeps changing the menu from time to time. You may taste their pork and chicken delicacies. They also have some yummy desserts in menu.

Trattoria is a favorite with locals and travelers alike. You will get some popular Khasi dishes cooked in the most authentic way in this restaurant. Located in Police Bazar, it may not have a quiet ambiance but the flavor and taste of foods is excellent. The lunch platter is very popular and most of the times, you may have to wait as the restaurants is crowded. Dishes like Doh Khleh, Doh Iong and Jadoh are much in demand. You may also try out their vegetarian dishes.

Ginger restaurant, located in elegant Hotel Polo Towers in Shillong, is one of the plush eating joints of the city. The cream-leather couch seating and soothing interiors will entice your mind. You can find plenty of Indian dishes here along with Italian and continental dishes. Quality of the food is top notch but the prices are rather reasonable. After savoring the yummy dishes at the restaurant, you can head to the nearby bar Platinum to enjoy some beverages.


Kitchen of Korea

The first Korean restaurant in Shillong started operations in December 2015. It is located close to the St. Edmund’s College. From décor to the menu, there is stamp of Korea in this eating joint. The special dishes offered here are Japchae Noodles, Dak Galbi Gui and Kimchi Chigae with rice. The eatery remains closed on Mondays. You may opt for normal tables or sit on cushions to eat from low height Korean style tables and enjoy a new experience.


City Hut Dhaba

Located at Police Bazaar, The City Hut Dhaba is one of the best options for picky eaters in Shillong! The eatery has a pleasant ambiance and you can savor barbecue, ice creams, Chinese and Indian cuisine in four different eating zones. There is a room only for families too. They make various yummy chicken dishes like Roast Pepper Chicken, Mexican Spice Grilled Chicken and Smoked Roast Chicken. Vegetarians need not be disappointed as they can opt for the Vegetable Deluxe Thali. You can make advance bookings by phone at this restaurant.


Déjà vu

For tasting some fiery and mouth watering Thai foods, head to the Déjà vu restaurant at Laitumkhrah region of Shillong. Owing to its proximity to the taxi stand, you will find the eatery easily. There is a lounge area for the wine lovers. The decor is aesthetic and ambiance is quite soothing. You will find their crab preparations and Chili prawns amazingly tasty. The Chocolate Mousse they serve is also yummy for dessert lovers.


Other eating outlets in Shillong

You can head to the very popular Delhi Mistan Bhandar in Police Bazaar, Shillong. It sells some mouthwatering snacks and sweets. The golden-brown crispy jalebis sold here are much in demand and they are prepared in a healthy method. The lassi and gulab jamuns made by them are also a hit with the locals. For tasting the most sumptuous Chinese dishes in Shillong, Kimfa Restaurant is a nice option. It is located in GS Road. In the Laitumkhrah area, there is another famous Chinese food joint, The Wok


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Dining Out

Dining Out

What to eat in Shillong While rice is a major ingredient used in dishes in Meghalaya, pork and chicken are also used in abundance. Fermented and dried bamboo shoots are also used a lot in the cuisine of the state. The tribes also…

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