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Ward's Lake

Nice boating experience with kids

One of the most popular attractions amongst tourists visiting Shillong is the beautiful Wards Lake.This artificial lake is set amidst lush green garden and is located in the middle of the scenic hill station this horse-shoe shaped lake is visited frequently by both travelers and localities.

The construction of the Lake has a story behind it. A Khasi prisoner, bored with the labor camp routine requested the warden for some creative release. He was granted the permission to create the artificial Wards Lake. The Lake is beneath the Raj Bhavan (Governor's Residence) and is popular for its garden walks and boating.

The Lake is full of a variety of colourful fish and is ornamented with a stunning wooden bridge on it. You may enjoy feeding fish while standing on the bridge or boating on this serene Lake. Take a walk along the cobble-stonned paths in the garden or simply sit besides the lake and relax while reading your favourite book. This is an ideal place to enjoy picnic with your family and friends. Enjoy the gurgling water of fountains embedded in the garden and sit back to enjoy some peaceful time.

The Lake complex has a cafeteria that offers a wide range of food and beverages for refreshment. Check out the botanical garden along the Lake that houses an extensive range of exotic plants and flowers. With sloping walkways, beautiful flowerbeds amidst lush greens, botanical garden, fountains and the beautiful Lake, this place is a must visit!


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